Welcome to Easley Presbyterian Church!

We Admit It  

  • We are not very “hip”
  • We don’t have a praise band
  • You might even say we are kind of traditional, even old-fashioned (you should see what our pastors wear on Sundays!)

What We Are Is This

    • A place where different generations come together as one every week

    • A place where you can ask questions without fear

    • A place where:
        • When you are sick, someone will visit you

        • When you are grieving, kind-hearted souls will overwhelm you with hugs, homemade cakes, and casseroles

        • When you are rejoicing, someone will rejoice with you

    • A place where you can put down deep roots – and truly grow deeper into the time-tested teachings and practices of the Christian faith

Becoming a disciple of Christ is a lifelong process and at Easley Presbyterian Church we GROW together!